Fleet Courier Expedited Courier and Delivery Services Medical Couriers Servicing the Midwest: Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana
Fleet Courier  Expedited Courier and Delivery Services Medical CouriersServicing the Midwest: Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana

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Servicing the Midwest

Phone: 877 405 4407

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Our courier service is responsible for providing swift and rapid delivery services to a large number of customers from various industries and has a solid reputation for reliability. 

We stay on schedule, maintain the highest quality and confidentiality and are happy to provide you with comprehensive and personalized advice before you ship your goods.

Our drivers can always be reached by phone and email and can reliably handle any express orders.


To reach operations please call us at 877 405 4407.

For a quick quote email us at info@fleetcourier.com or contact us via our contact form on the site.

We will get back to you in a timely and efficient manner to give you the best customer service and pricing we can offer. 

Have a client in the Midwest you are just not able to provide service for?

Contact us today for courier services - contract and direct.

For the fastest and most reliable delivery services in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana. 

We are continually expanding our routes so inquire if you have a specific out of state need. 

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