Fleet Courier Expedited Courier and Delivery Services Medical Couriers Servicing the Midwest: Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana
Fleet Courier  Expedited Courier and Delivery Services Medical CouriersServicing the Midwest: Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana

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Fleet Courier

Fast and Reliable Courier and Delivery Services 


Servicing the Midwest

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Fleet Courier

Do you have important products, surgical instruments or implants, freight or packages that need to be delivered immediately?

Fleet Courier with fast and reliable courier and delivery services can fulfill all your needs.

Swift and dependable - we will get it there for you - fast!

Our convenient delivery service takes the stress out of last-minute deadlines.

Fleet Courier offers same day courier service and expedited courier services. 



About Fleet Courier

Fleet Courier is a fast and reliable courier service for worry free delivery of your products.  If you need it delivered today call Fleet Courier. 

Fleet Courier offers courier and delivery services in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan for all types of industries. We offer optimized routes for automotive courier services, medical courier services with specifically trained drivers, freight delivery, pallet delivery, package and letter courier services. 
Swift and dependable for a quick delivery our professional couriers are available 24/7.
Our trained drivers go above and beyond what our customers require to insure delivery is made on time with a record of all deliveries. 
Immediate or overnight delivery or pick up requests are available.
Same day courier service need? - give us a call today.
Shipments delivered safe and quick - For more information give us a call or contact us through email or our contact form. 

Fleet Courier is fully licensed and insured. 

Fleet Courier - Fast and Reliable Courier and Delivery Services

Fleet Courier

Fast and Reliable Courier and Delivery Services.

We will pick up items directly from your location and transport them securely to their final destination.

Courier delivery services 7 days a week with extended hours of operations for late night or early morning deliveries.


Our superior reliability is what sets our courier service apart.

We stay on schedule, maintain the highest quality and confidentiality and offer you comprehensive advice to reduce your shipping costs.

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